Claudinne copyClaudinne Caro is a bilingual multiple Emmy Award- Winning broadcast journalist, writer, lifestyle blogger, content producer & TV Personality with over seven years of experience working in the English market, the Spanish market & the international market including Latin America & the Caribbean. Claudinne Caro was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where she received a bilingual education (English & Spanish). Growing up Claudinne Caro was also a classical ballet dancer for 12 years, performing in the National Theater and The Palace of Greater Arts. When the time to attend college arrived, Claudinne Caro moved to Miami, Florida in the United States with the dream to continue to work in the Arts and to also be of service. She studied and worked in theater for a while then after a creative writing class she was hooked! She recognized the power of words.

Claudinne found inspiration in the works of Walter Cronkite (who she had the privilege to meet) so looking for a way to be both creative and make a difference. She chose Broadcast Journalism. She graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications. She started her career carrying her own camera almost twice her size! (Claudinne is petite), she drove her own car to where the story led her. Claudinne shot, edited & naturally wrote her own stories, in both English & Spanish with the same deadline. Yep. A one woman show -with the sheer determination, passion & wit that defines her career, she began her ascent to the top of broadcast journalism.

As a bilingual television correspondent Claudinne Caro has worked for CNNE, Univision, NBC, Telemundo & MSNBC. Her broadcasting career has led her to cover politics such as the presidential elections of Barack Obama, the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, as well as the historical papal conclave that led to the selection of pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope, the first pope from the Americas, and the first from the Southern Hemisphere.

Claudinne Caro’s multi-faceted & innately fun personality led her into the entertainment business including one on one interviews with singer superstar Gloria Estefan ( interviewing her in both English and Spanish), Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse, Emilio Estefan, Ricky Martin, Spaniard singer Miguel Bose, Puerto Rican singer and actor Chayanne, the late Celia Cruz, coverage of The Latin Billboard awards,The People en Español Magazine Red Carpet Gala, interviewing legend singer & songwriter Jose Feliciano,Salsa singer Luis Enrique, Baseball Star Sammy Sosa  & Soccer star Rafa Marquez to name a few. But… she wants to go beyond the headlines.

It was the privilege of telling the stories of everyday people that moved her the most. Sometimes sharing off camera experiences of her own life if it could help whatever that person was going through. Sometimes really listening is the help that is needed. Claudinne Caro’s soul always wanted and felt that connection to care and help other human beings. She found herself saying time and time again that she wasn’t going to spend her life being “the messenger of bad news.” She always knew that she didn’t belong in a box and that there are many creative ways of self expression.

Always seeking to evolve to the next level personally & professionally Claudinne Caro has always gravitated towards stories that are fun, uplifting, inspirational, human & positive. Fiercely creative and passionate Claudinne Caro found in this new age of communications & technology a platform to nurture her calling, to be innovative in every form, to create, to have fun, to be an artist of life and make a difference. To be outside of the damn box. 

Remember, you are not alone. Dare to design your own life.

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