Claudinne Caro is a consummate professional. She is focused, hard working, detail oriented and passionate in everything she does. I highly recommend her for any position in her field. It was a pleasure working with and managing her, any company would be lucky to have her as an employee.

Nicole Freixas
SAY Y PIMIENTA at Univision Network

Claudinne Caro is a versatile, creative, multifaceted, fast and highly dynamic broadcast journalist, we had the opportunity to work together in the industry for many years and I consider her a great colleague. As a human being I can describe Claudinne Caro as a woman who always gives you a smile, always happy and at the same time encouraging. Claudinne always has a positive attitude. She’s passionate, modern and possesses a contagious positive energy 

Ivan Taylor
Emmy Award Winner News Anchor at Telemundo New York. 

Claudinne Caro is the type of person you want working with you and not for the competition. She is one of the most dedicated, tenacious and compassionate women I know. She and I have worked on several big news stories together and I know first hand that she understands the meaning of team work. She helps make everyone around her shine because she brings her A game each time and…more.

Hetal Gandhi
Special Projects Reporter/Producer at Fox13

If I could describe Claudinne Caro in one word, it would probably be: optimist! I have always enjoyed working with her because she radiates a positive light that most people naturally lack no matter how hard they try. I believe Claudinne Caro attracts positive people and positive things in her personal and professional life. She is a leader and encourages others to lead as well, not just follow. Claudinne Caro is authentic. If I’m having a down day and then I read some of her posts and messages on Instagram, other social media and/or her website, it instantly brings me back up again! She gives you perspective. I get my inspiration back and my day changes for the better!

Cristene Martinez-Paez
American Heart Association

In my opinion “The best”, I haven’t met a journalist so versatile like Claudinne Caro. The higher the stress, the calmer she gets. Claudinne is dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, peace-loving, courteous. She always brings harmony to the team and is kind to everyone. Claudinne makes sure to acknowledge your hard work and she’s always grateful. Claudinne is simply a tremendous asset for any company. She inspires you and motivates you.

Mario Reguera
Emmy Award Winning Photojournalist and Owner of “Epicdose.”

Claudinne Caro is one of the brightest, most talented and professional people I have known. She is a journalist who consistently demonstrates outstanding abilities to listen and communicate her ideas. She has been awarded several times with major communication and entertainment industry recognitions. She is an amazing resource for any organization.

Ylmia Vales
Service manager – Cisco

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